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a morning without coffee is like....SLEEP!

August 31st, 2006

i suck at this @ 04:58 pm

ok, I really suck at this blogging thing. I write for a couple days, then forget about it for a few weeks, or months. hmmmmmmmm...maybe I am not cut out to journal...SORRY!!!!!

August 15th, 2006

what a BUSY weekend... @ 09:55 am

Current Mood: chipper chipper

ok, so not just the weekend...

I started our new job on Thursday--spent 2 hours taking pics of houses, and then 4 more on Friday and 4 more on Monday. WOW! Lots of driving a picture taking. Poor Quint sitting in the backseat for HOURS. Good thing we have a tiny DVD player! So far, we have driven about 300 miles! Yesterday, Graham thought it would be a very wise decision to get me a GPS for my car. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I got so lost on Friday taking these pictures, and I KNOW that I would have gotten lost yesterday without it! OH MY GOD!!!! I would have still been out in the freaking boonies without that thing!

Saturday, we went to Outback. i must say, they know how to cook a steak there. I am very particular about my steak--RARE please, I have shoe leather and I don't want to eat it! Everywhere else in town always overcooks my beef, and I am never happy. Thank god for Outback! After lunch/dinner we went out side with 4 loaves of bread (the ENEMY of my diet!) and fed the ducks and geese on their little pond. How much fun was that??? Quint was besides himself excited, and we even had a few walk right up to us waiting to be fed...hehehe...AWESOME!!!! They can eat that devil bread, I am on a diet!

Sunday afternoon we went for a walk at the Maymont Gardens in Richmond. They have all sorts of animals there, bears, foxes, chickens, cows and bulls--and ICE CREAM!!!!! I was such a good girl and did NOT go off my diet like Graham did. He and Quint both had an ice cream cone, and they looked SO YUMMY!!!!! Quint was covered with mint green ice cream, but ate the majority of it. After that, we kept walking, and it turned into this major hike up a mountain. DAMN!!! I am so out of shape. i had no idea that a nice walk would turn into a hike. Me and my berks were not prepared. Next time, sensible shoes! After 2 hours of this, Quint was getting really tired and kept sitting down in the middle of the paths and kept taking off his shoes. Poor baby! Thankfully Graham has big strong shoulders for him to perch on!

I would add a picture here, but I apparently don't know how. If you can get to my scrapbook/gallery, there are some cute pics of Quint there!

August 9th, 2006

off to work... @ 10:11 am

Current Mood: worried worried

so, almost 4 years ago I RETIRED!!!!!!! and had a kid. Today, I am "off to work" again. I am going to start helping my hubby out--and take pictures of houses for him. HOPEFULLY this will start earning us some money again. the market has been SO BAD this year, and with his dad's death, the business itself is in dire straits. UGH!!!!!! So--we are hoping to bring in some money to our pockets by taking these pictures and doing write-ups for different companies. He thinks that we can get on average 10 a week at $50 each. Minimum of $500 a week. that would certainly help us out. he used to give these things to his leech of a sister or his idiot brother, or he would turn them down. DUMB ASS! I can certainly handle taking pictures with Quint in tow. It isn't like I have to get out of the car. DUH!!!!!!!!

I just really hope that we can actually make real money doing these. i am so worried that his business is going to fail and go under. If I was to go back to work at a real job, I think most/all of my money would go to pay for Quint's day care. We have at least 2 years until he is in school--and i really want to homeschool him (today, at least). So, unless I work nights, it just doesn't pay for me to go back to work. You know? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 8th, 2006

so whiney... @ 10:26 am

Current Mood: sick sick

my lip hurts. I had a hemogoma (blood vessel) taken off my lip last night. It looked like a huge mole! I now have 4 stitches in my lip, and I am VERY WHINEY!!!!!! I am having a hard time laughing, smiling, talking, eating, and--spitting! It hurt so much to brush my teeth last night and this morning. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, I think I am going to go sulk for a few hours, and I will maybe write more this afternoon.


August 7th, 2006

CLEAN!!!!! @ 12:45 pm

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

I feel so accomplished! I scrubbed down the bathroom and the kitchen this AM. Every monday morning, my house is a WRECK!!! My stupid husband is home all weekend, and everything falls apart. granted, I am at fault too--but at least I know where the freaking trash can is!!!!!!!

So--I moved everything off the counters and scrubbed them, and the cabinet doors, and the stove, and the walls, and everything else in sight! Hopefully, I will keep this clean all week, and Graham won't mess it up within the first 5 minutes he is home tonight.

YEAH, right.

oh, and I am working on Quint to be the "trash police." I have told him that everytime he sees daddy put trash somewhere other than the trash can, he is suppossed to tell me--or yell at him. So far, nothing. I think this sucks. Yeah, I should probably not teach my kid to tattle, but SERIOUSLY!!!!! someone needs to shame graham into using the trash can!

homeschooling? @ 10:42 am

Current Mood: confused confused

so, quint is going to go to preschool this year. He will leave me for 6 whole hours a week! Next year, he will be in the 4's--and gone for 9 hours a week! Most moms look forward to this, I am not! We have been going back and forth on homeschooling--starting with kindergarden. I do want him to go to preschool, to see what school is like, you know. I am just so torn. I am afraid that I will not do the school thing right for him, that I will be a slacker. That he will miss out on SOOOOOOO much. But, he just might get a better, more well rounded education. I might be great at this (miracles DO happen, you know), and lastly--who really needs to know how to deal with a bully anyways? Besides, i can SO see Quint BEING the bully--he is a big kid!!!!! 3 yrs old, size 6 clothes, and size 12 shoe--a GIANT!!!!

ANYWHOO--did you know that I needed to get a shot for Quint to go to preschool????????? I had to get a TB test thing, so i could come into the school and help out! HOW WEIRD!!!!! Ok, I guess it makes sense, but I really had no idea. Man, what a d-o-r-k I am! My arm hurts too- i have a little bruise. i am a baby, too--apparently!

OH!!!!!! And get this--i am the mom is charge of ALL the school holiday parties!!! I am SO glad i watch Martha so much--I am such a Martha Wanna-be!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, I am a dork, i know this. SUCK IT UP!!!!!!!

August 6th, 2006

south beach diet and birds @ 10:33 am

Current Mood: nerdy nerdy

So, for the past week, graham and I have been doing the South Beach Diet. He has high Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and oh yes, is now pre-diabetic. FINALLY, he told me that I was right, and the Dr. suggested he go on something like the SBD. We are half way through phase 1. NO CARBS whatsoever. Meat, cheese, and a ton of vegetables are all we eat now. I think our biggest problem is no bread and sweets. Let me correct that--HIS biggest problem is eating vegetables. I love them! After 2 weeks, we can add in one fruit a day. Slowly we get to add in 1 portion of grains. It will be slow going, but hopefully Graham will last until at least his 30th--on Sept 30. I guess I need to loose about 60 pounds, or more. So far, I have lost--drum roll here--6.5 pounds! I have no idea if Graham has lost anything--he never weighs himself.

As I am writing this, I can see a cardinal out my kitchen window. He is hopping all over the ground eating food. I am trying to make our yard a little preserve for all the birds around here. He got rid of our hot tub a few months ago, and replaced it with a pond. Shortly after we got that done (and got WAY too many fish), I noticed that there were all these birds ALL OVER our house. So, I filled up the feeders, and now they come here for breakfast, etc. Very cool! We even have one little hummingbird feeder, and at least 2-3 little hummingbirds that like to fly close to me and scare me. So silly.

WOW, I sound like I am some old woman here. Let me think if there is something I could say to redeem myself...my toenails are painted bright purple. Does that help????? A girl friend and I are supposed to be going to see Motley Crue and Aerosmith in September. Does that make me seem like I am stuck in the 80’s?

UGH! I am hopeless.

At least I didn’t drone on and on about Rachael Ray and Martha.

August 5th, 2006

been MIA @ 09:50 am

Current Mood: guilty guilty

yes, I have been MIA for like 2 months. SORRY!!!!!! Life has sucked, but I am getting over it, and i WILL NOT whine about it here!

New things:
1--Quint is completely potty trained! Never wears diapers anymore--not even at night! AND he can wioe himself. Life is good!!!!
2--I have mastered the art of Pie Making. I made a beautiful Blueberry Pie for the 4th of July. Thank you very much Martha Stewart! I love your baking handbook!!!!
3--I made a batch of Peach chutney and a batch of peach salsa--from scratch! Burnt my fingers in the canning process, but the 18 jars was WELL worth it!
4--I learned how to use my kitchen aid meat ginder, and LOVE IT!!!! It was so much fun, easy, and WAY cheaper!
5--I have lost 6 pounds this week, we started the South Beach Diet. Low carb life, here we come. Too bad I just learned to make pie.

ok, now that you see how domestic I am, stop shaking your head at me.

I will write more later. PROMISE!!!

baby steps!!!!!!

May 13th, 2006

funny thing? @ 02:41 pm

ok, so if your three-year old climbed up on top of the kitchen counters, and saked you to "PUT ME DOWN," what would you do??????


my reaction: "You are short, and your mama dresses you funny!"


I then got him down, safely, but he and I giggled for a while, while my DH just shook his head at us.


end of week update @ 02:39 pm

well, this has been a week...

My mom and sister took me shopping. Apparently, I needed it! I got tons of shirts and capris! WOO-HOO!!! Summer here I come! I still need to go and get dresses for the weddings, but at least I won't look completely awful if we go out anymore! It has been sooooooo long since I went shopping!

Friday Quint went to the dr. There are three reasons for the blood test. 1--His blood pressure was high that day. it was most likely the cold meds, because he was off them all last week, and his BP was normal yesterday. 2--he is a BIG kid! 42 lbs/40 inches! The Dr. said he was way bigger than a normal 3 year old, and was afraid of a thyroid problem. 3--his daddy has a BP and cholesterol problem, and so does a lot of people in both our families. i guess with these 3 markers, the dr decided it better to be safe than sorry. i should hopefully get the results on Tuesday or Wednesday. i am NOT going to stress until I have to. I hope...

About mother's day. Last night we took my mom and dad out to dinner. Nice yummy crabcakes!!!! Tonight we are taking his mom, and ONLY his mom to dinner. No leech of a sister coming, no idiot brothers, just Carole. We are going to Sakura, a local japanese steakhouse. YEAH! Hopefully Quint will like it... I have no idea what we are doing tomorrow. i would be happy with a nice cup of coffee in the AM, and some peace and quiet. Geesh, I sound like an old lady! I remember my mom and dad always asking for peace and quiet...hehehe. oh, and i REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY want a handmade card from Quint and Graham, but I am not holding my breath on that one.

SIGH...I have no idea what is going on with the birthday thing...I just really want to stay home. MY grandma is planning on making dinner on Saturday for me. I will be there.

a morning without coffee is like....SLEEP!